Sunday, July 7, 2013

Favorite IBD Blogs

Other IBD Blogs

This isn’t really evidence-based, but it is a tribute to some others who run excellent blogs related to Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.  These are blogs whose posts and comments help me determine topics to cover (generally based on what’s popular in new treatments or trends).  The list is by no means exhaustive, but represents a sampling of the information available on IBD in the blogosphere.  I’ve tried to only include blogs that are current and are updated regularly (unfortunately, because no one pays us to blog, some excellent blogs drop off a bit - I’m personally waiting for to start back up with their recipes). 

Ali on the Run (

This is a great blog for those who like to exercise with Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis.  Many of Ali’s posts resonate with IBD sufferers who try to exercise as much as possible, even during flares.  I generally don’t read “My Story” blogs, but this one is special in that it is well written, updated regularly, and inspirational without moving into the glurge category.

Jenni’s Guts (

The “Don’t Say This” section is one of my favorite links to provide folks who make dumb comments to any of us that have IBD.  Here at Evidence Based IBD we very much appreciate wisdom like “I don't want to try your weird diet because contrary to popular belief it will NOT cure me.  But thanks for trying and I'm glad it works for you.”  What put this blog over the top, though, is the new Twitter feed of Ally’s Law Breakers, a list of establishments that refused people with IBD the use of their restrooms.

Mind Your Body (

While not directed at IBD specifically, this wonderful covers the mental health aspects of chronic illness.  The posters keep up-to-date with the latest research results in mental health, and post fantastic summaries.  Maybe because one of the professionals writing the blog suffers from IBD, many of the posts resonate well.

Caring For Crohns (

My site covers evidence-based treatments for IBD (primarily, except for diversions like this post!)  This blog covers a niche that doesn’t often get the attention it deserves – how to care for someone you love who has IBD.  The author (and guest authors) have some great tips and it is a good place to look for information on understanding from the caregiver perspective.

Science Based Medicine (

SBD is my single favorite blog site.  While it isn’t IBD specific, all of the posters are professionals and they post tons of topics related to quack medicine in the same well-researched style as sites like Quack Watch (  Science based medicine is the gold standard for treatments (my blog covers evidence based medicine – a lesser standard but it allows the freedom to look at unproven but “keep-watching-it” research).  If you are a fan of the site, I also highly recommend the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast (

The sites listed above are my favorites, but I peruse many other wonderful blogs related to IBD.  If anyone else has a favorite (you can plug your own – go ahead) please post it in the comments section, as long as it isn’t a commercial site (if you sell a few IBD awareness items as a sideline or have ad-based revenue that’s fine), which I will remove.


  1. I write periodically about the personal side of Crohn's and IBD in general. Offering coping tips & info. I try to keep it positive & optimistic.

  2. I write periodically about the personal side of Crohn's and IBD in general. Offering coping tips & info. I try to keep it positive & optimistic.