Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This is a new pseudo-weekly blog related to inflammatory bowel disease, primarily Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.  Like the excellent, I will cover IBD topics from an evidence-based perspective.

Like many other conditions, IBD patients are inundated with information, both from medical practitioners and others, most well-meaning, about how best to treat their condition.  Much of the information is overly speculative (new treatment holds promise for the cure of UC after 5 person study), or sensational (cure Crohns in 10 days!), or just plain wacko (there is a conspiracy between the government and the dairy industry to keep the cause of IBD a secret).  This blog will look at various topics related to IBD, including nutrition, treatments, causes, and living with the disease.

What differentiates this blog is that I don't claim to have any answers.  None.  I have a background in biomedical research and am a published author, but I am not a registered nutritionist, doctor, or other medical practitioner.  As such, I will strive to present the latest evidence on various topics, along with pointers to solid research, related to IBD.  I will not provide a forum for anecdotal stories or idiosyncratic responses.  Science-based medicine is about well formed, double blind studies that evaluate a treatment or approach as an isolated variable.  There is a place for self reporting, and there is value to large scale epidemiological studies, but these tend toward correlative results.  It is all too easy to find correlations that support pre-conceived biases rather in less-than-perfect studies.

I don't work for a pharmaceutical company (in full disclosure I did IT work for a pharma company years ago), nor do I work for any manufacturer or peddler of alleged IBD cures.  I don't have any built-in bias against any particular treatment, from herbal remedies to diets to the latest biological drugs.  My only bias is to what has been adequately tested and shows results in a well controlled study that is large enough to have statistical significance.

I hope my blog will be helpful to sufferers of IBD everywhere!

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